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Fast claim – nice game       Make peace, not squeeze

Stop discrimination against minors!     Equal score for clubs!   Equal rights for diamonds!

Better to be down with clever than to be over with stupid.


Ladies on BBO:  

Lady0712, Lady007, Lady7, Lady11, Lady1952, Lady 1961, Lady7, Lady72, Lady999, Lady Abby, LadyAnda, LadyApb, LadyArtist, Lady Astor, LadyAnne, Lady_BB, LadyB, LadyB_04, Lady_Badia, LadyBank, LadyBee2, LadyBird, LadyBird3, LadyBlues, LadyBrett, LadyBrown, LadyBrown2, LadyBug12, LadyBug5, LadyCar, LadyD1, Lady Da, LadyDa, LadyDi55, Lady Diana, LadyDragon, LadyDye5, LadyE, Lady F, LadyFiona, LasyFleur, LadyFran36, LadyFrench, LadyFuer, Lady G, LadyG5, LadyGlo33, LadyGo, Lady Gold, LadyGolf, LadyGolf14, LadyGra, LadyGT, LadyH, LadyHen, LadyIn Red, LadyInRed2, LadyJo27, LadyKaty, Lady_Kaven, LadyLeo143, LadyLes, LadyLes143, Lady Lau, LadyLives, LadyLovely, Lady Luck, LadyLuna, LadyM41, LadyMac, LadyMacbet, LadyMache, LadyMaggia, LadyMate, LadyMF, LadyMike, LadyMy, LadyO, LadyOval, LadyPecan, Lady_Perri, LadyPii,  Lady_Pil, LadyPuke, LadyRina, LadyS0712, LadySingle, LadySissis, LadySolo, LadySquire, LadyStar, LadyStar1, LadyStar17, Lady Stu, LadySyd6, Lady_T, LadyT, LadyTigers, Lady U, LadyVal, LadyViking, LadyW, Lady Who, LadyWise, Lady_XY, LadyZeta, LadyZucci

Lords on BBO:  

Lord1001, Lord126, Lord63, Lord_Adder, LordAlfons, LordBatmar, Lord Bob, LordBosdor, LordByron, LordC, LordDark,  LordDarry1, LordEn, Lord Geon, Lord Hure, LordLucan, Lord_Mein, LordMi, LordOfpi, LordOrange, LordPao, LordPlamen, Lord Scobie, Lord Slavo, LordSP, LordTaylor, Lord_Vader, Lord XXX